Room Schedule Display Service
Room search:  To search for instructional room occupancy, please enter the desired academic term, year, building, and room number. You may use the % or * symbols as a wildcard for one or more characters to specify a range of building or room numbers.


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Campus Events:           

Page formatting:  For proper print formatting, your browser must support Cascading Style Sheet Level 2 (CSS2). You may enclose the search result with a page title and/or foot note to each page by specifying:

Using stencil:  Additionally, you may display events other than a course as a stencil event in the text box below.  Each such event contains two lines of event descriptions that must be described on a single line containing five fields.
  • A line starting with the # symbol is processed as comment.
  • Each line consists of the following fields separated by a comma (,)
    • First line of event description (text1 )
    • Second line of event description (text2 )
    • List abbreviated days (daysofweek) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThuRsday, Friday
    • Event starting and ending time (starttime-endtime )
    • Background color of the event displayed (htmlrgbcolor)  - RED or #FF0000, GREEN or #00FF00, BLUE or #0000FF

Example:  University hour occurs every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  Event syntax is:  University,Hour,TR,12PM-1PM,#FF0000
In this example, all occurence of university hours will be displayed in red background.